Our goal is ambitious:

We would like to introduce Family Offices in German-speaking countries to successful investment managers for
real assets, predominantly from foreign countries other than Europe.

Our knowledge is profound:

Management as well as the team of Frankfurter Familien Treuhand GmbH have been working with substantially
wealthy families for over a decade generating profound knowledge of their specific investment needs and

Our market expertise is unparalleled:

We have proprietary knowledge regarding asset allocation and investment decisions of over 2,500 Family Offices
and approximately 300 active Family Foundations in German-speaking countries. We want to enable these
investors to find the ultimate (co-)investment opportunity.

Our approach to Family Offices is valid:

For this reason, we would like to share our experience with outstanding, experienced investment managers
specialized in real assets, in order to provide them access to this highly-sophisticated group of clients in
German-speaking countries.