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  • We are the intermediary between Family Offices and Investment Managers.
  • We have worked for all parties; for Family Offices as well as Investment Managers.
  • We exactly understand the investment behavior of Family Offices in German-speaking countries.
  • We convey this detailed knowledge in the development of tailored products by the Investment Managers.

We understand the nature of families‘ expectations concerning their Family Office: Under the premise of preserving the fortune, adequately sustainable and stable yields should be achieved. From our many years of experience, we know that many Family Offices, due to limited personnel resources, must concentrate upon research, investment und management of liquid investments.

Our experience proves that decisions regarding non-liquid investments have seldom been made based upon an established strategy, but more often depend upon opportunistic decisions. The results following such decisions are less than optimal diversification, unsatisfactory rates of return, partial loss of wealth as well as the necessity for work-outs.

From our point of view, investments in real assets, including real estate investments, clearly are the most important drivers for the realization of constantly stable rates of return. Therefore, we are specialized in family fortune orientated topics by identifying appropriate investment opportunities. At the same time, we are working with Investment Managers to develop and tailor products for the specific needs of Family Offices in German-speaking countries.

Our team has been advising Family Offices and Investment Managers in German-speaking countries for many years. In consequence, we are an equally well-positioned partner for both parties.